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Southeast Wisconsin’s Top Bow Hunting and Shooting Competition Pro Shop

If you’re an archery enthusiast then Shooters Sports Center is the place for you. Don’t let our firearm section fool you. We offer a comprehensive archery experience superior to any other archery shop in Southeast Wisconsin. Archery isn’t just a side gig in our business, it’s one of our most important sections. Our staff are bowmen as much as they’re gun enthusiasts.

We carry a wide array of products from leading brands like:

Bow Brands 

Bow Types

With a comprehensive selection of archery products available, you're sure to find what you need. Shop products like: 

Recurve bows: A classic in archery shooting. The recurve bow has been the staple of shooting arrows for thousands of years dating back further than the Roman Empire. With modern technology, this bow has been maximized to its full potential to give you the best shot possible. Let your skill with shooting a recurve bow add another chapter to its legendary history.

Compound bows: The next step in the evolution of bows. Using a revolutionary pulley/cam system, compound bows give you greater shooting power with less energy. Take your archery skills to the next level by choosing the compound bow as your bow of choice.

Crossbow: This weapon is what you get when you combine the frame and shooting principles of a rifle with the silence and precision of arrow shooting. Serving as a weapon for thousands of years, the crossbow has received a resurgence in popularity among hunters and archers. An excellent choice for shooting enthusiasts, you won’t be disappointed learning how to fire one of these.

Bow Accessories

Upgrade your bows and improve your shooting performance with these bow accessories. Shooters carries a long list of parts specially designed to reduce noise and shakiness, improve accuracy and control, and deliver top-quality shots. Here are the parts we carry providing these performance enhancements:

We’re proud to offer a selection of high quality bows and accessories for sale. Get custom-fitted at our shop and then try your bow out at our indoor archery range. Try out your bow hunting skills at our TechnoHunt virtual archery range. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect bow!

Contact the Racine archery pro shop and range at Shooters Sports Center to have any questions or inquiries answered today.