2018 GSSF SHOOT DATES: JAN. 20, FEB 17, MAR 17, 2018


Bow Maintenance

Compound Bow Maintenance Supplies for Sale Online

Shooters Sports Center is a complete archery outfitter, offering everything you need to clean and care for your compound bow.

We specialize in helping customers with their archery needs, including providing the best quality maintenance products & supplies for their equipment. Our experienced staff is prepared to assist you with the selection of the maintenance supplies you need, and can answer any questions you may have about caring for your compound bow.

With the purchase of any compound bow from Shooters Sports Center, our customers enjoy one free clean & grease workup after your first hunt.

Bowstring Wax

Taking the time to care for your compound bow is essential to keep your equipment functioning at its fullest potential. Waxing the bowstring regularly increases the life of the string by protecting against fraying.

The Snot Combo Pak for Compounds is a premium odorless bowstring lubricant that will keep your bowstring ready to go whenever you are. This product is guaranteed not to freeze so it won’t let you down when hunting in winter weather. Add easy application and a non-toxic formula to the list, and it’s easy to see why this tried-and-tested product is the only bowstring wax we sell: it’s the only one you’ll need.

The Archer’s Allen Wrench: a Lifetime Ally

Having an archer’s Allen wrench on hand to adjust the sight and draw weight on your compound bow means straighter, safer shooting in any setting. Shooters Sports Center is proud to offer our customers the Pine Ridge Archers’ Allen Wrench Set and the Pine Ridge Star Drive Wrench. The Archer’s Allen wrench comes with a holster so you’ll always have your number-one tool handy for last-minute fine-tuning. Both products are made in the USA and guaranteed for life, meaning you can stop worrying about your wrenches stripping or rounding off.

Buy Bow Maintenance Supplies Online

Shooters Sports Center is dedicated to making bow maintenance simple and effective for hunters & competitive shooters around the country. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, we have the supplies you need to refine your archery skills. Visit our store in Racine, WI or order online and get fast shipping straight to your door. Protect your investment with the best quality bow maintenance supplies found right here at Shooters Sports Center.

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