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Parker Crossbows

American Made Parker Crossbows Available at Racine Pro Shop

Shooter’s Sports Center, Inc. proudly carries American made bows and accessories from Parker Bows for Wisconsin bow and crossbow hunters.

Parker Bows, Inc. manufactures a selection of high quality compound bows and crossbows at their Virginia plant. What began as little more than a dream is now the nation’s leading archery manufacturer, with products in more than 1,200 retail locations nationwide. Parker products like the Viking compound bow or the Hurricane crossbow are dangerously accurate and feature high strength construction to ensure durability. Revolutionary products like the Concorde with Quick Draw System, which provides automatic whisper quiet cocking in less than 5 seconds, have set the standard in the archery industry.

The Parker Bows Story

After leaving Bear Archery in 1984, Bob Errett founded Nationwide Archery. Growing rapidly over 17 years, Nationwide Archery merged into Parker Compound Bows, Inc. which now sells high quality bows and crossbows for retailers across America and Canada. Hunters trust Parker products to deliver high quality performance at affordable prices.