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Accurate Compound Bows Available at Racine Archery Shop

Shooters Sports Center, Inc. carries performance bows from leading brands like Mathews.

Mathews manufactures some of the best compound bows in the industry. Shooters Sports Center, Inc. carries products like the Z3 and Halon™ X for archers who demand nothing short of the best from their bows. Mathews designs bows for every archer. Women might prefer products like the Jewel, budget conscious archers can find products like the Z2, and big game hunters can opt for the top of the line Monster® Safari™.

More than a Passion for Hunting

Mathews bows are made in Sparta, WI by hunters, for hunters. The Mathews brand has more than a passion for hunting, it has a commitment and a dedication to the sport. Mathews is proud to share tales of stalking deer for miles, even days to get the perfect shot. Mathews bows aren’t just for sport, they’re for the art of hunting. When you grab a Mathews bow, running your fingers along the frame, feeling the state of the art cams move as you draw back, your body begins to understand this is a bow made for the hunt.