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Archery Products Available from Local Pro Shop

Shooters Sports Center, Inc. is proud to carry accessories, compound and recurve bows from Hoyt Archery.

With a selection of high quality bows available for men, women, and kids, Hoyt Archery offers a complete line of state of the art bows. Nobody does carbon quite like Hoyt Archery. The industry’s only hand-laid hollow carbon risers provide unmatched forgiveness, accuracy, and efficiency. Flagships like the Carbon Defiant exceed expectations without exceeding your budget. Compound bows from Hoyt Archery provide state of the art performance, but traditional recurve bows create a primal sensation.

Archers looking for traditional feel with modern performance will be drawn to recurve bows from Hoyt Archery. Products like the Buffalo or Dorado help bring purists back to the true spirit of archery.

Hoyt Archery: A Way of Life

Archery is more than a hobby to Hoyt, it’s a way of life. Every Hoyt product is built with the hunt in mind. Lightweight high performance compound bows built to last help hunters stalk prey all day, while traditional recurve bows let hunters connect with the true spirit of archery. Since 1931, Hoyt Archery has been run by hardcore hunters with a passion for the sport. Every Hoyt bow is made by a hunter, for a hunter.