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State of the Art Crossbows Available at Racine Pro Shop

Hunters looking for high quality brands at affordable prices can find TenPoint crossbows at Shooters Sports Center, Inc. We proudly offer TenPoint crossbows and accessories along with a diverse array of other high quality hunting brands.

TenPoint manufactures some of the most technologically advanced products on the market. High performance, high quality technologies packed onto a lightweight frame is practically a TenPoint trademark. TenPoint has something for everyone; choose from high draw weight crossbows like the Stealth FX4™, or lightweight packages like the Lady Shadow™. State of the art platforms like the Carbon Nitro RDX™ feature ultra-light carbon fiber barrels and deliver a staggering punch of up to 385 FPS. When hunters want an advanced crossbow built to perform, they choose a TenPoint from Shooters Sports Center, Inc.

TenPoint Crossbows: A Family Affair

TenPoint was founded by Richard L. Bednar nearly 25 years ago, but his passion for archery goes back much further. Rick’s father, Archery Hall of Famer Bill Bednar, founded Portage Archery Center; Rick and his sisters, who now work for TenPoint, grew up right next door to their father’s business. With his father’s coaching and inspiration, Rick went on to travel with the USA Pan Am archery team, qualify for the 1976 Olympic team, and win three NCAA Championships. Rick didn’t stop there. TenPoint started in 1994, while the crossbow market was still in its infancy, but established itself as an industry leader early on. With archery in their blood, the Bednar family will lead TenPoint crossbows for years to come.