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Carbon Express

Reliable Bolts and Crossbows Available at Racine Pro Shop

Wisconsin and Illinois hunters rely on Shooters Sports Center, Inc. to offer competitive prices on high quality products from Carbon Express.

Carbon Express manufactures bolts for nearly every archer. Hunters can choose from affordable product lines like the Gameslayer® T6 Aluminum crossbolt, or state of the art lines like the carbon fiber Maxima Hunter® crossbolt. Available in a variety of grains and lengths, Carbon Express is the leading name in crossbolts. Paired with high quality crossbolts, Carbon Express broad heads turn virtually any crossbow into a deadly machine. Choose from expanding heads like the Torrid™ 100 or serrated ones like the XT Dual Blade. Carbon Express also manufactures a number of state of the art crossbows. Choose from products like the advanced Intercept, or the affordable X-Force®.

Proven Track Record Makes Carbon Express a Trusted Brand

Carbon Express is dedicated to helping competitive archers and recreational hunters alike with unmatched performance. The preferred brand of professionals across the globe, Carbon Express products have been everywhere:

  • 2015 1st Place World Archery Championship
  • 2015 Gold IBO Spring Nationals Senior pro Class
  • 2013 FITA World Championship
  • 2012 Gold Medal London Olympics
  • And More