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Archery Training and Lessons

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Archery Lesson Package

Interested in learning about Archery as a recreational activity or for the ability to put food on your table? Consider signing up for personal lessons conducted here at The Shooters’ Sports Center by our experienced USA Archery and Explore Archery certified instructors. We have structured training in group format (Intro Clinics and Camps) available as well as one-on-one lessons.

When looking at Archery as an opportunity, consider whether you are interested in target competition, preparing for the hunt, or just another recreational activity to keep you or your child challenged.

Lessons are available in ½ hour increments or 1-hour increments and can be purchased one at a time or in bulk packs. Purchase your lessons online here and completely fill out the class form. Once the online purchase has been completed, your information will be forwarded to the coordinator for lessons. He will then try and work with you and determine the best time slot and type of instructor suited for your needs and goals.

Lesson Rates:

½ hour one-on-one: $25 per Session
1 - hour one-on-one: $40 per Session
Bulk Packs (Six ½ Hour Sessions): $125
Bulk Packs (Six 1 - Hour Sessions): $200

We offer great opportunities for those that are interested in learning a great sport! An interested archer can learn by participating in a One Hour Introduction to Archery session, a Six-Session Archery Camp, or individualized lessons in half-hour or full-hour sessions. Intro Sessions & Camp Sessions are structured events for groups of up to four persons, while lessons are geared towards individual growth into the sport of Archery based on the participants' skillset and goals of the individual Archer.

Archery Classes in Racine, WI

For southeastern Wisconsin natives, or Illinois residents looking to come up for the ultimate shooters' experience, our archery range and archery lesson facility is the best location around! Shooters Sports Center is located in Racine, WI, right between Milwaukee and the northern Illinois border. Come on over for your lesson today, we're just a short drive from the communities of Oak Creek, South MilwaukeeMt Pleasant, Wind Point, North Bay, Caledonia, Sturtevant, & Elmwood Park.

Enough waiting around get directions to Shooters archery training facility and get shooting now! Directions
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