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Shooting Range and Pro Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fit your firearms at time of purchase?
Yes. Not only do we fit your weapon at time of purchase, if you need instruction, we show you disassemble and assemble procedures. For customers not sure what firearm or bow is in their price range, we help provide the selection meeting your financial constraints. Shooters Sports Center delivers comprehensive customer service to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase when you pay for it.

*You won’t find this level of service with other companies.

Are you a gun shop with limited archery products?
No. Many gun shops carry only a handful of options when it comes to Archery. This is not the case with Shooters Sports Center. We are a complete archery shop carrying everything you need for your bow. From recurve and compound bows to crossbows, hunting tips, and archery sights, we offer as thorough a line-up of archery weapons and equipment as we do firearms.

Shooters Sports Center isn’t just strictly firearms. We are THE one-stop shop for EVERYTHING shooting, including archery. Pick up your gear right here at the #1 stop for archery equipment in Southeast Wisconsin: Shooters Sports Center.

Is your advertised selection of bows, pistols and rifles all you carry?
No. We carry an extensive selection of bows and firearms. If you’re looking for a firearm not advertised, contact us and we’ll help you out with your inquiry. If we don’t carry what you’re looking for we’ll see what we can do to help you find the weapon you want.


For any additional questions or details, contact our Racine archery and gun shop at Shooters Sports Center today.