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Sig Sauer

World Renowned Sig Sauer Handguns Available at Racine Gun Shop

Shooters’ Sports Center Inc. carries a selection of Sig Sauer handguns and accessories for citizens who want professional quality self-defense products.

Sig Sauer handguns are trusted by one in three US law enforcement officers and utilized by Federal Air Marshals, Navy SEALS, the US Coast Guard, and more. Every Sig Sauer handgun is expertly machined and comes backed by nearly a century and a half of experience. Competitive shooters, soldiers, law enforcement officers, and private citizens trust their lives with Sig Sauer every day.

Trust in a superior Sig Sauer handgun.

The Sig Sauer Story

When Hof, Moser, and Neher were challenged by Switzerland’s Ministry of Defense to design rifles in the 1860’s, they had no idea they would quickly become one of the world’s leading producers of small arms. In the 20th century the SIG P49 was developed for the Swiss Army and rapidly became a legend on the battlefield. As word spread, orders began to flood Sig Sauer, but they never lost their commitment to performance and precision. Sig Sauer is still trusted by soldiers and citizens across the globe for its reliability and performance.