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Glock Blue Label Program

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Gun Pro Shop Offering Steep Discounts on Glock Firearms

Shooters Sports Center is a proud participant in Glock’s Blue Label program. This program allows specific customers who are active or retired law enforcement to potentially receive large discounts on their purchase of a Glock firearm. The discount depends on the model of Glock selected, though the amount ranges from approximately $75 - $100 off the price of the firearm.

Purchasers eligible* for the Glock Blue Label program include:

  • Police officers (Federal, State, County & City) – including retired Law Enforcement
  • EMT, Fire fighters, and Paramedics
  • Military personnel, Reservists and National Guard – including retired
  • Corrections Officers
  • State Licensed Security Companies
  • Court Judges and District Attorneys

*Valid credentials required

Online Supplier for Law Enforcement Equipment

At Shooters Sports Center, we offer more than Glocks for law enforcement. We carry:

  • Lights and Batteries: Tactical LED flashlights and their replacement batteries are available for sale online. You’ll never be stuck in the dark when you have a light attached to your service belt.
  • Holsters/Carriers/Belts: Keep your equipment close at hand with a holster, carrier, and service belt from Shooters Sports Center.
  • Handcuffs and Keys: Keep a back-up pair of handcuffs and keys on your service belt.

Click here for more information on Glock’s Blue Label program. If you have any questions, Shooters Sports Center is happy to help.

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