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Gun Holsters, Carriers, and Belts

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Online Gun Shop Carries Quality Essential Products for Law Enforcement

There’s three things every officer carries on them when they’re on duty: a service belt, a holster, and a handgun. For quality gun holsters, Shooters Sports Center is your online supplier. We provide holsters specifically to match the handguns officers use. 

Duty belts are also available from Shooters Sports Center. Add on your holster for easy access while on the job. Your service belt is also a great place for other law enforcement accessories such as LED flashlights  and handcuffs  too. Certain belts have additional pockets and clips for carrying even more tools essential to your work. as LED flashlights and handcuffs too.

If you need a carrier for your handgun or weapon, Shooters has you covered. Choose from a variety of carrier cases modeled to fit your weapon. Find the carrying case best suiting your needs right here at Shooters. With our experts, you’ll get the perfect fit for your handgun and holster.

Contact the gun holster, belt and carrier specialists at Shooters Sports Center to have your questions answered today.