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Handcuffs and Keys

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Wisconsin Law Enforcement Supplier Offers Products Every Officer Needs

Get your law enforcement handcuffs online from Shooters Sports Center. It happens all the time: a key goes missing, a chain break, or your cuffs are simply outdated. We carry highly effective and quality handcuffs for use by police. Each pair of handcuffs comes with a key, though we offer spare handcuff keys for when accidents happen.

When you’re on patrol, the last thing you need is to worry about where your cuffs are. Shooters Sports Center also carries service belts where you can securely store your handcuffs. You can even add on a spare pair so you’re always ready.

We sell all equipment you need to carry like tactical LED flashlights and gun holsters. Ensure you’re prepared for duty with a pair of handcuffs and other law enforcement products available online. Our indoor shooting range in Southeast Wisconsin offers special discounts for law enforcement looking for a little extra practice.

Shooters Sports Center is proud to serve those who protect and serve our communities.

For any questions or inquiries, contact the Wisconsin handcuff suppliers at Shooters Sports Center today.