Remington Rifles and Shotguns Available at Racine Gun Store

Whether you need a firearm for hunting, home defense, personal protection, or competitive shooting you can trust a Remington from The Shooters’ Sports Center Inc. Simply put, Remington is nothing short of a legend.

200 Years of Remington

Eliphalet Remington II made his first rifle barrel in 1816; after 200 years, Remington has become a staple of the American firearm market. Police departments, armies, hunters, enthusiasts, and competitive shooters all trust Remington firearms. Remington manufactures superb firearms like the Model 700 bolt action rifle, or the legendary Model 870 pump action shotgun, “The finest shotgun ever made.”

From the first American made auto-loading rifle to one of the earliest auto-loading shotguns in 1905, Remington regularly innovates the firearms industry. Remington has supported the United States government in every major conflict since the war of 1812. 

Trusted for Generations

The Remington name was good enough for your father when he was in Vietnam. It was good enough for your grandfather when he was in Bastogne. It was good enough for your great grandfather when he was in in the trenches of the Western Front. It was good enough for families who needed to hunt for survival when they went west. It was good enough for the Union when they fought to end slavery. Remington is more than a brand, it’s an American legend.