Law Enforcement Products

Police Gear Available at Racine Gun Shop

Shooters Sports Center is the go to place for local law enforcement to practice shooting at our indoor firearms range. For officers across the country, we have many resources and products for sale online with special discounts.  While out serving our communities, you need the best equipment available. Shooters Online provides several products to help officers serve and protect. Learn more about our products now:

Lights and Batteries: Flashlights are essential pieces of gear for an emergency responder or police officer. You never know when you’re going to need light while on the job. Shooters Sports Center carries lights easily attached to a uniform and built for durability and water resistance.

The bright LED flashlights provide more light than their traditional counterparts, giving officers a distinct advantage when in the field. We also sell long-lasting batteries so you’re never caught in the dark no matter how long you’re on the job.

Holsters / Carriers / Belts: Find your next handgun holster here at Shooters. We offer a diverse selection of holsters, carriers, and belts to match your handgun preference. Concealed weapon holsters are also available for law enforcement too, ideal for detectives or plainclothes officers.

 If you need a service belt, Shooters also has these available to attach your service equipment to. There is room for your holster, radio, keys, and anything else you need close at hand to do your job effectively.

Handcuffs and Keys: Get your handcuffs here at Shooters Sports Center. Having a back-up pair of cuffs is never a bad idea. We offer service hand cuffs ideal for restraining individuals to be taken back to the police precinct. All handcuffs include keys to unlock them.

Special Police Discounts

Shooters Sports Center is proud to support our local law enforcement and EMS. We offer special discounts to individuals in Law Enforcement (Active and Retired) at our indoor shooting range in Racine, WI. We also feature a Glock Blue Label discount to police officers. The Blue Label offer allows police to receive steep discounts on their purchase of any model Glock handgun.

If you have any questions or inquiries about law enforcement products available from Shooters, don’t hesitate to reach us!

Contact the Wisconsin law enforcement suppliers at Shooters Sports Center and grab your service gear today.