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Springfield Armory

Powerful and Reliable Springfield Armory Firearms Available at Wisconsin Gun Shop

Shooter’s Sport Center Inc. carries a number of firearms from one of the nation’s oldest armorers, Springfield Armory. What began as munitions stockpile is now an industry leading arms manufacturer for members of the military, police, completive shooters, and private citizens.

Firearms manufactured at the Springfield Armory were used by American soldiers in numerous theaters; most famously the M1 Garand. Springfield Armory also manufactured howitzers, ammunition, swords, and other munitions.

Since 1777

George Washington established the Springfield Armory in 1777 to store revolutionary munitions. Springfield Armory quickly became a hotbed of technological advancements, developing some of the earliest repeating rifles, and saw dozens of revolutionary ideas. In 1968 the US government closed the Springfield Armory citing budgetary concerns. Thankfully, the Reese family resurrected the name in 1974 and carried on its spirit and designs.

Modern Firearms

Today, Springfield Armory manufactures a number of modern firearms. With a firearm for nearly any purpose, Springfield Armory has something for just about everyone. Handguns designed specifically for concealed carry, competition, or home defense provide maximum performance and ensure you’re protected. Plus, long, mid, and short range rifles based on the M1A platform offer a diverse line of products.