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Winchester Arms

World Famous Winchester Arms Available at Wisconsin Gun Shop

Winchester. Enough said.

Shooters’ Sport Center Inc. proudly carries firearms from the world renowned Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Winchester has manufactured nothing short of perfection for the last century and a half. Winchester rifles have a storied place in America’s history. Winchester ammunition was used by hunters across the nation, GI’s in WWII relied on the Winchester M1 Carbine, and the iconic Model 1873 is famous as “The Gun that Won the West.” With a variety of models to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a Winchester.

Powerful. Proven. Permanent.

While the Model 1873 won the west, and the M1 Carbine helped win the war, countless other Winchester designs won over the hearts of hunters, recreational shooters, and private citizens alike. Lever action rifles like the Model 1886 offer high caliber cartridges, while bolt-action models like the XPR™ set the benchmark for performance. Pump-action shotguns like the SXP come in a number of styles for numerous applications. Over under shotguns like the Model 101 offer accuracy for competitive shooters, while autoloaders like the Super X3 are easy to use and effective when taking down birds.

Winchester Arms shaped this nation’s future by being an integral part of its history. Own a piece of America’s history today.