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Firearms Safety Courses

Wisconsin Concealed Carry ClassesConcealed Carry Classes and Other Shooting Certifications Available Here!

Shooters Sports Center provides specialty self-defense courses. Whether you’re interested in learning basic firearm safety or if you want to obtain a concealed carry permit, Shooters is the place to go to.

Some of the courses we offer include:



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Concealed Carry ClassesCarrying a Concealed Weapon

Our CCW courses are classroom only. There won’t be any firearms handling but you’ll be instructed with everything you’ll need to know to apply for a Wisconsin CCW permit. Concealed carry classes at Shooters Sports Center are taught by one of our training instructors and are based on the Wisconsin DOJ recommended CCW program with a focus on critical thinking and the use lethal force. We focus on proper firearm safety, rules of engagement, and non-lethal alternatives like Tasers and Pepper Spray.

Our CCW instructors have over 80 years combined experience in law enforcement and in the military, along with over 7 years experience as NRA certified instructors. This class will be available at least twice a month on Wednesdays from 630pm – 9pm. Our instructors help you through each step from finding a holster to selecting the best handgun for concealed carry.

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Intro to Handgun Shooting

Racine firearm training facility offers conceal and carry classes as well as Intro to firearms and so much moreThe Intro to Firearms class is geared around the novice handgun owner that needs an orientation into safe firearms handling as well as exposure to the five fundamentals of handgun shooting.  During the class, participants will be explained the difference between centerfire, rimfire, and shotshell firearms as well as the concepts of sight picture & alignment, trigger squeeze, breath control, arc of movement, and follow-through.

The material covered is based on materials from the following sources:

-NRA Basic Pistol Course
-WI Department of Justice

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Simulated Firearm Training Scenarios

Some of the courses offered utilize our virtual reality technology to provide scenarios you might encounter in real life. This allows each participant to go through exercises to hone the skills being taught. Using cutting-edge technology, our virtual simulations are capable of changing to present a scenario fully customized to each participant on the fly.

Shooting Simulator

When you go through shooting courses at Shooters Sports Center, expect comprehensive training from top professional instructors. Our instructor base is comprised cumulatively of:

-30+ years of criminal prosecution and courtroom experience
-31 years of law enforcement experience
-27 years of military experience
-13 years of NRA instructor experience

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Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Attention hunters and fisherman! Shooters Sports Center has the authority to issue hunting and fishing licenses. If you need either, come to the premier archery and gun shop in Racine.

We Offer

-WI DNR Hunter Safety Class

-Wisconsin Security Guard Firearms Certification Program


Head to Shooters to get trained in firearm safety or get your license to hunt & fish in Racine, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee, Wind Point, North Bay, Caledonia, and Mt Pleasant

Enough waiting around get directions to Shooters Sports Center, and get shooting now! Wisconsin gun safety course Directions

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For info on class dates, times, and prices, click CALENDAR for more info.

Contact the Wisconsin firearms instructors at Shooters Sports Center and register for a shooting course today.
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