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Revolvers for Sale Online

Revolvers History

The first revolver was a manual turn matchlock gun developed in the 1580s. The cylinder had to be manually turned and the matchlock system was unreliable, so it didn't catch on very well. In 1818, a flintlock manual turn revolver was developed, and that lead to the first repeating revolver developed by the famous Samuel Colt. He made several variations on this revolver which eventually became the 1873 Colt Single Action Army, also known as the Colt 45 Peacemaker, the gun that won the West. In 1889, Colt released the model 1889, the first double-action revolver, the first with a swing-out cylinder.

Smith & Wesson made a great addition to revolvers when it released their model 10 .38 special. The .38 special is still a very popular round, even to this day. In 1934, Smith and Wesson released the 357 magnum model 27. In 1956, they released the 44 magnum model 29, made famous by Dirty Harry. Even today, 38 special, 357 magnum, and 44 magnum are still very popular rounds and revolvers remain a popular choice of handgun. 

In 1953, Ruger introduced their first single-action revolver, called the Single-Six. They have continued to develop high-quality and reliable revolvers which continue to be popular among gun owners. Revolvers have a long history and owning one lets you be a part of that history.

Revolvers vs Semi-Automatic Pistols

Many gun enthusiasts debate the advantages and disadvantages of revolvers versus semi-automatic pistols. The truth is there are many pros and cons to both styles and it often comes down to personal preference and different needs. Here is a brief comparison of these styles:


  • Reliable
  • Don't jamb easily
  • Long history
  • Can fail to fire if not kept clean


  • Reliable
  • High capacity
  • Light recoil
  • Can jamb when ejecting the casing

Buy Reliable Revolvers Online

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, there’s no better handgun than a revolver. When you find yourself in a position where you need to use your weapon to defend yourself or your loved ones, the last thing you want is an extra button or lever to manipulate before you’re able to fire. With a revolver’s cylinder it’s easy to check that your handgun is loaded, even in the dark. The revolver’s design advantage is twofold: the long, heavy trigger is not only simple, it’s less likely to be fired accidentally in a tense moment where confusion may be a factor. If the classic style and dependability of a revolver appeal to you, visit us at Shooters Sports Center in Racine and we’ll help you on the path to ownership. 

Revolvers from Leading Manufacturers

Shooters Sports Center sells revolvers from the top manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, one of America’s leading names in firearms for over 150 years. With superior design and craftsmanship, a Smith & Wesson revolver delivers a comfortable, confident shooting experience.

Don’t see the revolver brand you want? Contact us online to find out what we have in stock and items we can special order.

Revolvers require minimal training, making them a great first choice for new shooters. With revolvers there’s no magazine to worry about, so the size and material of the grip can be changed to give you a perfect fit for your hand.

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